Mojo Game Rules

Want to submit a film to MOJO?  Great! Here are the guidelines:
* films around 3 mins
* can be shot on phone LANDSCAPE mode
* HD (or best quality)
* steady/use tripod
* Captioning encouraged, created on Youtube if you can (hand-type)
* clear audio please! Films with bad audio will receive shade
* PG rated – no obviously disturbing scenes
* audio and visual in your film is original, owned/created by you
(ie no stuff off Google unless Creative Commons or with consent from Copyright Owner)
24 fps, 23.976fps or 25fps
ProRes, H264 or MP4
* any people you film (other than yourself) must give you consent in writing – it’s the law
* Attend our Mojo Filmmaking Course to learn how to create a great short film with your phone or camera
CONTACT us for submission details click HERE

Mojo Film Festival celebrates ‘authentic content’

The story, cast, camera person, director.. is you.